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RuneScape - I'd need to make for 99 Smithing

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RuneScape - I'd need to make for 99 Smithing

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СообщениеДобавлено: Ср Дек 08, 2021 12:55    Re: RuneScape - I'd need to make for 99 Smithing Ответить с цитатой

Alright, so recently I've lost interest in Runescape for the simple reason that it felt like a game of bossing/slaying which is what I usually do. In the past, I've been wanting 90 Mining. I'm not sure why. I was thinking of following up with Smithing for Dungeoneering to use it for Skill Rooms/Promethium/looks pretty. This is when I began to think about LRC. Since I was thinking about the times I fished the LRC area, while also obtaining 99 Fishing. But I knew I was not the only one.

So , here's what I'm hoping to do. I've done some Math yesterday which is why it's likely modified a little. I'll end up with about 120k or so Gold Ore when I get 99. I'm not aware of where I'm this moment but that isn't a problem. So that will get me 80-95 Smithing. In the next few years, I'll need 75k or so of or so of Gold Ore for 99. And with the prices of Ores/Bars I'll make 11M Profit since I mined it all which means there's no way I lose money, surely? I am posting from my iPod, so it won't be impossible to determine the figures.

Perhaps this made a bit of sense. The most important problem was the Math part, because at the time , I was asleep haha. The way I did it was calculate the amount ore found in 99 Mining as well as calculating the amount of dollars that would be. Approx. 26M or more or less.

Then , how much bars I'd need to make for 99 Smithing, and also the amount it would cost. Approx. 27M or so. I'll require about 75,000 gold ore for 95-99, that's like 16M. If I can sell all bars this will amount to 28M, so I'll make about 11-12 million profit.

I believe this to be true, but it's still a little unclear when I'm trying to think of it all in my head. In addition, I was exhausted since it was around 4:30AM. In addition, I didn't think about the possible amount of different if I sell the Gold ore first rather than use it for training Smithing and that could have added more confusion to me.

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RuneScape - I'd need to make for 99 Smithing

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