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We might be able by OSRS Gold incorporating advice
We might be able by OSRS Gold incorporating advice

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We might be able by OSRS Gold incorporating advice

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СообщениеДобавлено: Вт Июл 13, 2021 15:48    Re: We might be able by OSRS Gold incorporating advice Ответить с цитатой

We might be able by OSRS Gold incorporating advice to improve our Account Help Wiki webpages while flagging these posts may not be sensible. The RuneScape Wiki has some information in respect to these scams in addition to many others which are located outside and inside of Runescape. I see, I only find it quite sad to see some content developers post their OSRS themed content or questions on here and get essentially rejected by the sub (who are often clueless about another OSRS themed subs), though this sub is for both match titles as you stated.

Yes, people who comment connected to the sub them, but in some cases just and they have a tendency to delete the post on here keep it. If a response doesn't work a warning which appears before posting? We know of the bottom into the OSRS sub in the Partner Subreddits segment, but most people who post OSRS just themed articles, do not even appear there, as they did not knew the presence of the 2007 Runescape subreddit and are grateful whenever the people who comment mention it, its becoming clear that the bottom leading to the sub par on the side bar is not enough. I had believed the phishing one could be hard to implement, props for trying. I concur on using many people click on matters, phishing urls before thinking.

But yea about phishing some more actions may need to be taken, these malicious classes are improving their ways to capture unsuspecting victims more and more nowadays. I've even seen some poor attempts to phishing being posted on this sub that result in fake forums and I am happy they have been removed before anyone fell victim.

The real problem with phishing posts may also be the spam which the sub will eventually receive, phishing emails are delivered in a wave to different mails of possible players, let us say like 10% of them have a reddit accounts, they will want to warn everyone else of the attempt and so there will be several posts looking the same, all of which may be unaware it has been posted earlier. It may eventually find dull. Which in turn can lead others to ignore a legit clueless player who is asking if it's real or not, that's why I suggested an automated response of some type, at least a little warning to take caution or something like that. Additionally thanks for clarifying that the email to forward phishing mails is now over, I understood of the forum thread, although not that they stopped the email.

I'm unsure that sums up the planned message here. My previous comment explains why these two changes haven't been made together with some information. The first being that Runescape is to get its RuneScape community as a whole (not only RS3), and the second being automatic filtering for this type of article was attempted and found to not be possible to accurately accomplish. We're open to suggestions that would be possible to implement without detracting from the purpose of this subreddit and its own community.

I mean, yeah your prior remark lays out just why the communities suggestions, in your opinion, are poor to the system you've got in place currently. If anything the view represented by the OP are more in accordance with this'vision' of this subreddit (wanting to include both RS3 and OSRS (which in itself is absurd being they have seperate content, dev teams etc. but like my opinion man)) by stating your articles has a house here but when its regarding anything in specificity to go elsewhere, very similar to how the Reddit FC is/was run.
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We might be able by OSRS Gold incorporating advice

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